Aquasoft Bubble Plus -Water softener for showers
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Ultra-soft water (*1) with zero hardness from Housetec,which is made by removing  hardness from bathroom water .

Leaves no soap scum that cause skin and hair problems.Aqua Soft Bubble Plus is equipped with new features.

The power of soft water bubble plus (*2) greatly improves detergency.

Brings out the natural moisture of the skin, the smoothness of the hair,and the natural beauty.

Supports a stress-free, natural lifestyle.Enjoy the new beauty trends by "Ultra-soft water".


(*1) Ultra -oft water with zero hardness refers to water with a hardness of 20mg/L and  below.

(*2) Soft water bubble plus refers to soft water containing  fine bubbles with a diameter of less than 100 μm.

Synergistic effect of soft water and fine bubbles gives you a clearer skin.  (*3)

(*3)Fine bubbles is a proper noun defined in JIS B 8741-1.

The minerals that cause  water hardness(calcium and magnesium ) contained in bathroom water

combine  with soap components and fatty acids on the skin to become soap scum.

soft water could make al the difference to your everyday cleansing using  soap.

The hardness of the water  that causes rough, flaky skin has been removed, which ensures mouist and smooth skin.

In addition, the soft water bubble plus, which is much smaller than the pores,

adsorbs dirt in the pores and pulls the dirt away from the pores and skin. 

Detergency test of soft water bubble plus

This video is our company's experiment, and the results may differ depending on the magic pen, water pressure, etc.

The result of irradiating with black light after washing hands with soap containing a fluorescent agent

Silky smooh skin. Just like bathing in lotion all over the body.

After bathing in Soft Water Bubble Plus, your skin will be moist and smooth.Soft water could make all the difference to you everyday cleansing using soap.The hardness of the water that causes rough, flaky skin has been  removed,which ensures moist and smooth skin.

Moisturizes after shaving and the dry skin.

Moisturizing  is not just for women. Reduces rough skin after shaving  for menand  the dry skin on children's bodies. 

It protects the body from damage caused by dry skin. It makes your  family ahealthy skin .

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Silky shiny hair.

Soft water enables you to use less shampoos.

It creates a richer lather needed to thoroughly cleanse your scalp and hair.

When rinsing  the shampoo off, you will feel your hair softer as though youhave rinsed your  hair using conditioners

Thicker lather,less soap scum to get cleaner

Soap scum not only causes skin problems, but also inhibits the naturalcleansing power of soap.More use of soap and shampoo leads to environmental pollution.

Soft water bubble plus creates a thicker lather, so you can use less poducts,which will help the environment and saves your money.

The best for Shampoo bars and additive-free soaps.

The Shampoo bars and additive-free soaps are popular because of the highquality and the eco-friendly. If you use these with soft water bubble plus,even a small amount will create a thicker lather,so you can wash it with less damage to your skin and hair.

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Product name  Aquasoft Bubble Plus   Water softener for shower
Model: color

BAQ-S1202FB     ;Smart White

BAQ-S1202FB-P ;Peach Gold

Size W119×D227×Hさ252(㎜)
Weight 3.6㎏
Soft water quantity 1,200 ℓ(when hardness is 70㎎/ℓ)※1
Regeneration period About 6 days (hardness 70mg/ℓ, family of 4)※2
Maintenance agent usage 360g(3 packets of maintenance agent/ 1 time)※3

・Instruction manual ・Measuring cup (with spout) ・PET bottle cap

・Connection hose (60 cm x 2) ・Hose fixing unit

・Simple wrench ・Connection adapter (4 types) ・Reducing valve

※1  Volume of soft water collected with a hardness of 0 to 20 mg/ℓ.

※2 Depends on the hardness of tap water and frequency of use.

※3  Sold separately.

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